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Welfare Benefits Hotline

We run a free phone telephone advice line:  0800 731 5920.

It only takes a few minutes to check whether you may be entitled to any benefits or, if you are already claiming, that you are getting all the right benefits at the correct level.

If you are not, we may be able to help you complete the appropriate forms or provide details of other organisations that may be able to help you.

We run benefit surgeries for people living in the following areas:

•Bensham Manor
•Broad Green
•New Addington
•Shrublands Estate
•Monks Hill
•South Norwood
•Thornton Heath
•Whitehorse Manor

Dates and times can be found on the website

Umbrella org:
Croydon Council
0800 731 5920 (Freephone Advice Line)
Opening times:
Mon 2pm-7pm, Tue 3pm-4.30pm, Wed 11am-2pm, Fri 9am-12pm

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