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Ordinary Housing

If you want or need to move home, you can contact the Council for help with finding somewhere else to live. We will discuss your housing needs, and the best available options, with you.
If you are not currently a Croydon Council or Croydon housing association tenant you can apply to go on the Council’s Housing Register of applicants for permanent housing within the borough. If you are an existing Croydon Council or a housing association tenant living in Croydon, you can apply to go on the Council’s Transfer Register of people who want to move into alternative accommodation.

If you have problems with your home, or you are worried you may be made homeless, you can get general housing advice from the Housing Department or from Croydon Housing Aid Society (an independent advice agency). The first priority will be to help you keep your home, for example by making sure your landlord is acting legally or by helping you to claim benefits so that you can pay the rent. If you are a council or housing association tenant, you can also talk to your landlord (usually this will be a tenancy officer). You can also get help on a range of other problems, for example if you are experiencing harassment because of your race or disability, if you need repairs or adaptations to your home, or if you are being affected by anti-social behaviour.

If you have nowhere to live, you should contact the Housing Options Section, Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.45pm. If necessary you will be referred to the Homeless Persons Unit which will assess your circumstances to decide whether the Council has a duty to house you.

Because the Council and its housing association partners do not have enough homes to be able to rehouse everyone who applies, the Housing Department has to decide who has the highest priority for the homes available. We do this by looking at your housing need, how long you have waited and your choices about where you might want to live. When assessing your housing need, the Housing Department will consider the suitability of your current accommodation and any illness, disability, welfare or support needs that you or a member of your household has that may mean you are unable to manage in your current home.

If you are currently living in supported housing but want to move out and get a flat of your own, the Housing Department has a move-on scheme. Each year, a number of council or housing association flats are allocated to people in supported housing. People are nominated by Croydon Integrated Adult Mental Health Service. Unfortunately, not enough flats become available for this scheme to help many people, but you can also get help finding a home to rent from a private landlord. If you would like to move on, talk to your support worker - even if you move into your own place, you may still be able to get support if you are assessed as needing it and able to manage independently.

You can get more information, including an application form, from any of the following:

The Choice page of the Council’s website
The Housing Options Shop at Bernard Weatherill House
District Housing Offices (addresses below)
Any Croydon housing association office
Telephone: 020 8726 6100 and ask for the Housing Options Team.

There is a series of leaflets available on applying for housing, such as A Guide to the Housing Register and A Guide to Housing Options which you can get from any of the following offices.

Council Offices
Housing Department
Bernard Weatherill House
8 Mint Walk

East District Housing Office (New Addington)
90 Central Parade
New Addington CR0 0JB

District Housing Office (North)
Strand House
Zion Road
Thornton Heath CR7 8RG

020 8686 6084

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Services providing information and advice about accessing temporary and long term housing.

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