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Youth Wellbeing

On My Mind is a new website which aims to empower young people to make informed decisions about the mental health support they want, the treatments they receive and the outcomes they desire. 

All resources have been co-produced with young people and include the Youth Wellbeing Directory, a directory of free services across the UK, advice on working with a service and understanding the referral process, information about treatment options for those with a diagnosis including what the evidence says about each treatment, information about how to start a conversation with someone you're worried about and a section on self-care strategies which young people have told us help them manage their wellbeing when feeling low or anxious.

Anna Freud Centre, Kantor Centre of Excellence, 4-8 Rodney Street, London, N1 9JH
Umbrella org:
The Anna Freud Centre
Area serviced:
0207 794 2313
Who is it for:
Anyone looking for support for a young person up to the age of 25

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Service Definitions

Services providing advice and information relating to all aspects of mental health.
Self-harm (SH) is deliberate injury to one's own body. This injury may be aimed at relieving otherwise unbearable emotions, sensations of unreality and numbness, or for other reasons.

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