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<p><strong>How would I be admitted to hospital?<br /> </strong>When people suffering from some form of mental illness need to go into hospital, most of them are admitted in exactly the same way as people suffering from any other kind of illness. A doctor has recommended that they should go into hospital and they have agreed. They are called voluntary, or informal, patients and are free to leave hospital at any time.<br /> <br /> Some patients are admitted compulsorily under a section of the Mental Health Act and kept in hospital for a specified length of time. This usually happens because they are seriously ill and unable or unwilling to give their consent. The application for admission is made either by the person's nearest relative or, more usually, an Approved Social Worker (ASW) (See Health services in the Community). It must be supported by medical recommendations from 2 doctors (or, in the case of an emergency, one). These would be the person's GP, if possible, and a consultant or another approved doctor. People admitted to hospital in this way are called formal or detained patients and are free to leave only with the knowledge and permission of the consultant.<br /> <br /> Formal patients can appeal to the Hospital managers of the Mental Health Review Tribunal against the order under which they are held. Your key worker can give you information about this.<br /> </p>

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Psychiatric services relating to the study, treatment and prevention of mental disorders. Includes treatment and the prescription of drugs, by a medical doctor who specializes in human behavior.

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