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The Integrated Adult Mental Health Service

Carers have a right to an assessment of their needs irrespective of whether the client is eligible or ineligible for IAMHS - this is addressed in the Carers Recognition and Services Act, 1995, which was revised again in 2005, and in essence, the legislation highlights that Carer's Needs are paramount and must be assessed, so that carers can be supported in the best way possible in their care-giving role.

In this context a carer is defined as "an adult or young person who is providing or intending to provide regular and substantial care to another adult and is not being paid for this, when that adult is eligible for Social Services support themselves". (In a wider context, of course, children can also be carers or dependants).

To meet assessed need individual care plans are implemented in discussion with the carer who retains a copy of the plan.


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Service Definitions

Services which protect vulnerable people, enabling them to be as independent as possible and get the most out of their lives. This could be in a temporary crisis or in a longer lasting situation. Also support services for mental health carers.

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