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Talk to Frank

Whether you're a parent, carer or friend who's worried about someone you care for, FRANK offers useful information to help you help them -- like ways to get them talking. If you're deaf you can Textphone FRANK on 0800 917 8765. As anyone with a drug problem will tell you, it is the support of someone close that's got them through the bad times. It's well worth the effort on both sides -- just being there for someone in need can make a real difference. And remember, if you feel out of your depth or you'd like a helping hand, FRANK's only a call or email away.
Area serviced:
0300 123 6600 / Text 82111
Opening times:
24hr telephone line, 365 days a year / Live Chat: 2pm-6pm daily

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Service Definitions

Services providing advice and information relating to all aspects of mental health.
Services associated to counselling in all its various forms, including one-to-one and group therapy.
Services to support those suffering from problems relating to drugs and/or alcohol.
Services which are offered free of charge.
A needle-exchange programme is a controversial social policy, based on the philosophy of harm reduction, whereby people can obtain hypodermic needles and syringes without a prescription for little or no cost. They may require the exchange of a dirty (used) needle for the clean needle, and education on drug abuse and blood-borne diseases may be provided.
These are psychological treatments in which improvement in a person's symptoms or wellbeing is achieved by talking with a therapist or counsellor rather than, or as well as, taking medication.

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