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Spiritual Needs

What help is available for people's spiritual needs?
It is often in times of crisis that issues of personal meaning come to the fore. When the supports we normally take for granted fall away as they may do with mental disturbances then core values and priorities emerge. God and concerns about spiritual and life meaning are among these core values and priorities. The Spiritual and Pastoral Care Service (Chaplaincy) exists to both provide directly for these needs and advise and support other mental health workers in responding to the spiritual needs of their service users. The Chaplain based at the Bethlem Royal Hospital, Rory Reynolds, works with a small team of part time chaplains and volunteers. Although different chaplains stand in particular faith traditions, all chaplains are able and willing to respond to the needs of all service users, carers and staff regardless of faith community, class, gender, and sexual identity. Spiritual and pastoral care support is provided to South London and Maudsley NHS Trust inpatients and outpatients via a referral.

The Chaplain Bethlem Royal Hospital
Monks Orchard Rd Beckenham,
BR3 3BX,
Tel: 0203 228 4361 Chaplain’s Office
Tel: 0203 228 1680 Administrator


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Service Definitions

These are psychological treatments in which improvement in a person's symptoms or wellbeing is achieved by talking with a therapist or counsellor rather than, or as well as, taking medication.

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