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Direct Payments

Direct payments are cash payments made to an individual directly, giving a person the choice to buy and arrange their own social care services. The services that you buy are the ones that would otherwise be provided directly by Social Services. These services are stated in your care plan, which is produced after you have had a statutory assessment of your social care needs. Direct payments can only be used to buy the services agreed in your care plan.

The levels of your direct payments will be reviewed regularly in line with your care needs and may be subject to change.

There is also the option to split the service needs to be covered partly by direct payments to buy some help yourself and partly still receive other services in the usual way.

Use of direct payments
Direct payments can be used to buy services such as:

• personal care: getting up, washing, dressing
• practical tasks: preparing meals, shopping, housework
• getting out and about: going to work, visiting a friend or relative, going to leisure activities
• if you are a disabled parent, help to look after your child
• if you are a carer, help to look after the person you care for or to give you a break from caring.

Benefits of direct payments
Direct payments can give you wider choice, control and flexibility to meet your individual social care needs.

Payments are made directly to you to buy and arrange your own social care services as stated in your care plan.

Direct payments can be made to anyone that is entitled to community care services, including:

• disabled people aged 16 or over
• disabled parents whose children require services
• people with parental responsibility for disabled children
• carers aged 16 or over who are eligible for carers' services

People taking up direct payments must:
• be willing and able to direct their care or support services
• keep simple records to show how the money is spent

However, there is a lot of help available to help you manage your direct payment.

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