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Sutton Counselling

Counselling can be offered in different ways. Here at Sutton Counselling we offer a confidential place for you to consider your individual situation. Sitting with a counsellor, you will be able to talk through and explore any feelings and thoughts you raise, no matter how difficult or unpleasant you feel they may be.

People decide to start counselling for all sorts of reasons, such as
* Feelings of frustration or anger, sometimes from nowhere.
* During times of loss or loneliness.
* When it is proving difficult to move on after the death of a loved one.
* Feeling anxious, concerned, or worried about life and the future.
* Relationships – at home or work – not going as well as you would like.
* Following redundancy, or wanting to change career
* Identity issues.

During a typical weekly session lasting 50 minutes, you will be able to speak about whatever comes up. The counsellor will help look for links and patterns in what you tell them, and together you can start to allow your own solutions to emerge.

Counselling sessions are strictly confidential.  If something arises in your sessions which suggests a danger to either yourself, or to others, your counsellor may need to consider disclosure.  This would be discussed between you in the sessions.

21a Cheam Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 1SN
Area serviced:
020 8661 7869
020 8643 0683
Any services along Sutton High Street
Sutton Rail Station 5 minute walk away
None provided

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Service Definitions

These are psychological treatments in which improvement in a person's symptoms or wellbeing is achieved by talking with a therapist or counsellor rather than, or as well as, taking medication.

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