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Reigate Community Counselling Centre

Reigate Community Counselling provides a professional counselling/psychotherapy service for Reigate, Banstead, Merstham, Dorking, Redhill and Horley communities, supporting adults struggling with issues such as:
Low mood
Panic attacks
Relationship problems
Low self-confidence and self-esteem.
Separation and Divorce

Sometimes life's challenges and obstacles may feel overwhelming and our counsellors aim to support clients in understanding what may have caused the difficulties and help improve client's emotional well-being and resilience.

We are a registered charity with the aim of ensuring no one is denied access to counselling due to cost. Our therapists are based in the centre of Reigate and counselling is provided from comfortable rooms. Our counselling service is easily accessible from Redhill, Banstead, Merstham,Dorking,Horley and surrounding areas.

Area serviced:
Reigate, Banstead, Merstham, Dorking, Redhill and Horley
07791 214903

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Service Definitions

Anger is a valid, healthy emotion. However, many of us learned from a very young age, that anger can be dangerous and destructive. In the words of anger management guru John Lee, "Anger equals pain". As children, it is vital that our angry feelings are accepted by our caretakers. If these feelings are not heard and respected, we carry our resentments into adulthood and project them onto others, especially loved ones, work colleagues and those in authority. As grown ups, most of us fall into two distinct categories of behaviour, affecting both our mental and physical states. This in turn can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, ill health, relationship break-down and loss of job etc.
This is the term used to describe experiences such as chronic fear, tension and panic attacks. Some people have an overwhelming feeling of dread that prevents them getting on with everyday life. Sleepless nights and recurring thoughts are common, as well as nausea, palpitations, dizziness and difficulty in breathing. Anxiety is the most common mental health problem people experience.
An acute state of intense psychological sadness and suffering experienced after the tragic loss of a loved one.
Addressing relationship issues through the use of psychotherapy which helps people address and resolve their problems and work through their feelings.
These are psychological treatments in which improvement in a person's symptoms or wellbeing is achieved by talking with a therapist or counsellor rather than, or as well as, taking medication.

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