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Croydon Stroke Recovery Service

We provide high quality, up-to-date stroke information for stroke patients, their families and carers

Every year there are approximately 152,000 strokes in the UK. That's one stroke every three and a half minutes. Most people affected are over 65, but anyone can have a stroke, including children and even babies.

Stroke changes lives. It can have a huge effect on you and your family. You will most likely want to know as much as you can about what practical, emotional and financial support is available.

If you or someone you care about has had a stroke, our service can provide advice and support to help recovery. We’ll work with you and the people you care about to identify your needs and plan how these will be met, enabling you to make the best possible recovery.

This service offers:
• hospital and home visits from a dedicated coordinator
• assessment to identify your support needs
• a personalised plan to support your recovery from stroke
• regular reviews to track your progress
• practical and emotional support for carers and families
• access to tools to help you manage your care

You'll also receive:
• information leaflets and factsheets in a range of different languages
• access to our network of support groups and longer-term support in your local community
• introductions to other local organisations that can help you.

Waterside Centre, 26 Avenue Road, South Norwood, London, SE25 4DX
Umbrella org:
Stroke Association
Contact name:
Clare d'Cantere
Job title:
Croydon Stroke Recovery Service
0303 3033 100 (Stroke Helpline) / Croydon Branch 07717 275834
Who is it for:
stroke survivors (including TIAs/mini-strokes) of any age, people with disabilities caused by stroke, and families and carers of people affected by stroke, living in Croydon.

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